Your frequently asked questions


How do Cato Cups & Carafes work?

The special clay used to make our products interact with the polyphenols in wine, otherwise known as tannins. This is due to the porosity and natural mineral composition of the clay. The result is a subtle reduction of tannins, giving your wine a smoother finish on the palate.

Don't believe us? Try this simple experiment. Get a normal porcelain mug, or wine glass, and your Cato Cup. Brew some black tea, like English Breakfast, and pour some into your mug and some into your Cato Cup. Let the tea cool and take a sip. Notice how the tea from the Cato Cup has a smoother and well-rounded finish? Black tea also contains a large number of polyphenols, just like wine, and the heat intensifies the effect.

What kind of wine works best?

Any kind of wine works! But if you really want to taste the difference, then we suggest using a wine high in tannins such as a young Cabernet Sauvignon, Syrah, Sangiovese, or Malbec. If you prefer white, then something a little more oaky like a Chardonnay should do the trick.

How do I clean it?

Try to avoid using detergent. Over time, your ceramic wineware will develop its own character and patina. To ensure you don't ruin the properties of your Cato Cup or Decanter, wash with warm water, or rinse it out with boiling water a few times and leave to dry in direct sunlight. Alternatively, drying it with a tea towel will do.

Does it break easily?

Admittedly, if you use one of your cups as a tennis ball it would probably break. But rest assured that its design makes accidental breaks less likely, especially when compared to glass.

What kind of glaze do you use?

We don't! All of our ceramics are completely unglazed. Our special clay is fired at a super high temperature (1,100°C), triggering a reaction called vitrification – where the surface of the ceramic takes on a glass-like structure.


Which countries do we ship to?

At the moment, we only deliver to the US, UK, Canada, Australia and Hong Kong.

If you live in another country, please contact us at and we can try to arrange an alternative method of delivery.

What shipping options are available?

Several shipping options will be made available at checkout. At Cato, we opt for shipping that has a lower emissions, therefore our shipping times may be slower. However, the option for express is always there.

How much will shipping cost?

Shipping is free on all orders. You can also opt for express delivery.

How long will delivery take?

This will vary from location to location, however, we aim to get our products to you within 6-12 business days.


When will my order ship?

We want you to get drinking as soon as possible, so in-stock items typically ship out 1-2 business days after the order is placed.

I've just placed an order, can I amend or cancel it?

After placing an order, you have a small window to change or cancel as we process our orders very quickly. If you would like to change or cancel your order, please send us an email at immediately and we will do our best to fulfil your request.

However, we cannot promise that your order can be cancelled once you have received an email confirmation stating that your order has already been shipped. If your order has already been shipped, you will need to return the order to us. For more information on returns, please click here.

Where can I check the status of my order?

You will receive an email to confirm your order and another email following to confirm shipment. You can also sign up or log in to your account to check the status of your order.

How long will my pre-order take?

Pre-orders may take up to 3-6 weeks before we ship. If you would like to receive your order quicker, please reach out to us at

What if my order is broken or damaged?

If your order is damaged, please reach out to us immediately at Please include your order number and a picture of your damaged product. Once you receive confirmation from the Cato & Co Team, you can decide on whether you would like a refund or a replacement.


What is our return policy?

We want you to love your purchase. If you change your mind for any reason, you can return your purchase for free or exchange it within a period of 15 days of receiving it, provided that it's never been used. Simply contact to start the return process and our team will assist you.

For more information on returns please check our refund policy here.